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Ridiculously patriotic movies to enjoy this Memorial Day

Red Dawn (1984)
Where to stream it: Netflix

If you’ve never seen “Red Dawn,” it’s simply impossible to describe the amount of raw, American testosterone packed into this crisp 110 minutes. After Russians invade the entire country, it’s up to a band of barely armed teenagers to fight for freedom in the Colorado mountains. This movie is not a comedy, it’s not self-aware or winking at the audience, and it’s sometimes disturbingly violent. Patrick Swayze (“Dirty Dancing,” “Point Break”), Jennifer Gray (“Dirty Dancing,” “Wind”) and Powers Boothe (“Tombstone,” “Sin City”) lead the cast.

And forget the 2012 remake. It doesn’t have a third act! They just get right up to the “Reward” part of the Hero’s Journey and then the movie ends. What were they thinking? This is America, gosh darn it, and in America we always have a third act.

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