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Wanted to See F9 This Weekend? Try These 5 Movies Instead.

In a different reality, we’d be in the midst of Hollywood’s epic summer season, enjoying the nearly weekly unveiling of a major event movie, including much-anticipated sequels (Wonder Woman 1984) and the improbable return of Tom Cruise’s beloved 1980s hotshot (Top Gun: Maverick). Instead, you’re cooped up trying to figure out what to watch while not going stir-crazy.

This is where we come in. On a regular basis, we’ll be presenting “The Replacements”: a list of five alternative choices for every big tentpole you’d been excited to see before COVID-19 changed our lives. We’ll select movies that are thematically or narratively similar to the postponed blockbuster, offering picks that range from certifiable classics to forgotten gems. For the time being, event movies are on hold. But hopefully our alternatives will scratch that cinematic itch.

This week: F9, the latest in the Fast Furious saga, which brings back most of your favorites, except for Hobbs and Shaw. This wonderfully over-the-top franchise has some new surprises in store with this ninth chapter, chief among them that Vin Diesel’s Dom … has a brother (John Cena) who has teamed up with Charlize Theron’s still ridiculously named Cipher to bring down the crew. Will there be more incredible car chases and action sequences? Sure looks like it. Will there finally be justice for

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