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Tanguay: Here are my top 10 sports movies of all time

The “Quarantine Scenes” have created great debate over what sports films are the greatest of all time.

So, I present to you Tanguay’s Top Ten Sports Films … Ever!

10) Any Given Sunday

I’ve never watched the whole thing, but the pre-game speech by Al Pacino puts it in my top 10 whether the rest of the film sucks or not.

9) The Blind Side

I have been very public about my life-long crush on Sandra Bullock. A true story about how a loving family and sports gives a young Michael Oher a chance at a better life and an eight-year NFL career. Oher wasn’t happy after seeing the movie stating that he was a much happier person than his character in the film. This bums me out but does not take away from the theme of how sports can change one’s life for the better.

8) Bull Durham

Ron Shelton’s view of the minor leagues should be on everyone’s top 10 list. “Just throw it at the bull,” lollygaggers and Robert Wuhl’s wedding gift candlestick line during the infamous mound visit are all cinematic gold.

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7) Remember the Titans

Best entrance by a team other than the 2001 Patriots at the Super Bowl. “We are the Titans. The Mighty Mighty Titans …” Feel free to sing along. Great halftime speech, not by a coach, but by a player. “This team is perfect,” Julius Campbell played by Wood Harris.

6) Friday Night Lights

My family loves the TV series as they have watched it over and over again. Me, I’ll take the film over the series. I prefer Billy Bob Thornton’s more vulnerable Coach Gary Gaines over Kyle Chandler’s more muscular version in the series. Please note, I am a huge Kyle

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