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Six greatest chess movies ever made

ChessChess John Torturro in ‘The Luzhin Defence’; a still from ‘Shatranj ke Khiladi’ (Screenshots)

In the unprecedented change the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the sports landscape around the world, with travel bans forcing most global sports to postpone their events, chess is one sport which has managed to be insulated, even managing to regain some of its popularity.

There has been large-scale participation in chess, both competitively and recreationally, from people via computers during the lockdown. The essence of the mind sport has been beautifully presented on screen for those unfamiliar with the sport to get a glimpse of how interesting and exciting it can be – similar to how many great films have depicted the game and even centred their films on the game over the years.

Here is a look at a few great films portraying chess:

Queen of Katwe (2016)

The 2016 film by Mira Nair is an on-screen depiction of the life of Phiona Mutesi, a girl from Katwe, a slum in Kampala, Uganda, and her journey towards becoming a Woman Candidate Master.

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures and starring Madina Nalwanga and Lupita Nyong’o, the film is unique for being a chess movie based on the life of an African woman, when most of the chess movies depict the stories of white men.

Despite having a limited release, the direction and messaging of the movie received a lot of praises, and the movie went on to win a

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