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10 Fantastic LGBTQ+ Couples From Television Shows

June is Pride Month and we are here to discuss all our favourite ships from TV shows! As we are discussing couples, here is a spoiler warning if you haven’t watched or are halfway through any of the following One Day At A Time, Greys Anatomy, Shadowhunters, Elite, Glee, The 100, Modern Family, The Bold Type, Schitts Creek and, Atypical beware!

Elena and Syd (One Day At A Time)

Elena and Syd are both awkward and are trying to figure everything out together. They treat each other with respect and are best friends. Both of them are nerdy, activists, and all around amazing people, this pairing is one we hope lasts till the end of time.

Elena and Syd (One Day At A Time)

Callie and Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

These two have had their fair share of obstacles and they have supported each other through many of their worst times. We see these two fall in and out of love on multiple occasions, but there is no denying that these two are one of the sweetest couples on Grey’s Anatomy.

Callie and Arizona (Greys Anatomy)

Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters)

Magnus and Alec had everybody swooning and crying, these two defied the odds and made their relationship work even when the entire Shadowhunter world was stacked against them. Both Alec and Magnus are such kind people and always try to understand and accept each other.

Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters)

Ander and Omar (Elite)

Elite is filled with drama and relationships falling apart, but these two are one that everybody is rooting for. Ander and Omar are both trying to come to terms with their sexuality and they have a lot of death surrounding them too. These two have

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