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Face the Music: Four Maine acts that have been busy making music

Over the past three-plus months of the pandemic, there’s been quite a bit of productivity that’s happened despite and as a result of the haze of gloom over the world right now. Decks have been built, gardens have been planted, fancy meals have been cooked and closets have been reorganized. And a whole bunch of new music has come out of Maine musicians who have been tapping into their creativity to produce some tracks that are worthy of your ears. I’ve got four acts that I’m excited to tell you about.

Coyote Island is the latest project from Mike O’Hehir. You may recognize his name from his former band, Old Soul. The first Coyote Island single, “Here Before,” is an indie folk tune that’s got a reggae chillness to it but also a pop vibe and O’Hehir’s sleepy yet captivating vocals.

O’Hehir was born in Reading, England, but came to the U.S. as a child and grew up mostly in Kennebunk. His current home is an old farmhouse in Biddeford. O’Hehir said “Here Before” is the first of several new songs he’ll be putting out this summer that diverge from what he described as his usual “melancholic folk songs.”

“I feel like what the world needs is to be lifted up, not brought down. That was the catalyst for me to start approaching songs with a higher vibration, a tempo with more life, and lyrics guided by a stream of consciousness rather than what rhymes or sounds cool,” he said.

The Asthmatic, AKA Sigrid Harmon Photo courtesy of the artist

The Asthmatic is the moniker used

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