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Television: Kick off the July 4 weekend by singing along with ‘Hamilton’ on Disney +

Get ready.

“Hamilton” is coming to television.

Yes, that “Hamilton,” the musical theater piece that has been selling out on Broadway since 2015, that continues to be a hard-to-come-by ticket, and that costs more than the average show will begin streaming on Disney + at 3 a.m. Friday.

Disney + audiences will see the entire show as it was recorded during two performances just before the original cast, including Tony winners Leslie Odom, Jr., a Philadelphian, Daveed Diggs, and Renee Elise Goldsberry, departed in 2016 for other productions, mostly for film or television. (Diggs goes from playing Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette to portraying the towering Black leader, Frederick Douglass, in an upcoming series based on Solebury resident James McBride’s book, “The Good Lord Bird.”)

About a third of the show’s 40-some numbers were shot between the two full performances, so director Thomas Kail could choose from several shots, a necessary move considering he could not stop a live show to insure all was perfect on camera.

While a ticket to “Hamilton” on Broadway would cost a minimum of $200 and probably more in the neighborhood of $300, TV viewers can enjoy the show for the price of a subscription to Disney +, which is a considerably less $6.99 a month ($69.99 for the year).

Friday, July 3, the first day of Independence Day weekend, seems a fitting time to bring “Hamilton” to the masses.

Through an agitator for American independence as a student at what would become Columbia University, Alexander Hamilton did not have a critical role in the Revolution or its creative aftermath until after July 4, 1776.

When he gained importance, first as an aide to Gen. George Washington, then as Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington, then as a framer of the U.S. Constitution with James Madison and John Jay,

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