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Caesars Entertainment now requiring COVID-19 testing for all employees

LAS VEGAS – If Caesars Entertainment employees do not get tested for COVID-19 by the end of next week, they will be knocked off the schedule. 

In response to a spike in coronavirus cases recorded across the country, the hotel-casino company has required all employees in Southern Nevada to get tested. 

“We thought mandatory testing would be a good way to identify employees who might be positive for COVID-19 without knowing it and wouldn’t realize they could be spreading the virus at work,” the company said in a statement.

Workers at Caesars Palace, Paris, Flamingo, Harrah’s and Nobu have until July 17 to get tested. 

“They will be removed from the schedule if they fail to do so,” the company said.

Maskless workers risk termination 

In an internal memo sent last week, Caesars Entertainment CEO Tony Rodio told employees that not wearing a mask is grounds for firing.

“We made this policy change because COVID-19 continues to spread in the U.S., including in areas that previously did not have many cases,” Rodio said. “Masks and social distancing have been demonstrated

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