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10 Movies Coming To MUBI This August

Great films are coming this August to MUBI, the curated streaming platform that is perfect if you’re in the mood for independent, arthouse and world cinema.

The schedule of films differs in each country, but expect films from last year’s Locarno Film Festival, an exclusive online premiere, and plenty of unique films. Last year’s winner of the Golden Leopard at Locarno, Pedro Costa’s Vitalina Varela is still available to stream on MUBI’s Library in the U.K.


Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Echo, shown last year at the Locarno International Film Festival, will be showing in a few territories, including the U.S., the U.K., Italy and Germany. Don’t expect a traditional narrative film, this is a beautifully shot portrait of Iceland during Christmas through 56 vignettes. You’ll find yourself quite mesmerzed by Rúnarsson’s film.


Giraffe is Anna Sofie Hartmann’s second feature film, which was shown at last year’s Locarno. Blending fiction with reality, the film is an unconventional love story between an ethnologist, Dara, and a builder, Lucek. Dara is studying inhabitants of an island in south Danemark, whose homes are about to be demolished for the construction of a tunnel linking Germany to Danemark.

The Tree House

Tr??ng Minh Quý’s The Tree House is an intriguing film set in the future in 2045, on the planet Mars, which is now occupied by humans. An unnamed filmmaker, living on Mars in that year of 2045, examines footage of Vietnam shot in our present. This is Tr??ng Minh Quý’s second feature film.

Wonders in the Suburbs

Part of MUBI’s Debuts strand, Wonders in the Suburbs is actress Jeanne Balibar’s directorial debut. Balibar is most well-known for her roles in Jacques Rivette’s films (The

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