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‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun Reveals Whether Cousin Greg Has a Future in Music

Emmy-nominated actor Nicholas Braun, who plays the beloved character Cousin Greg on HBO’s “Succession,” is following in Kendall Roy’s footsteps by trying his hand at music.

Braun released a song called “Antibodies” earlier this week. Inspired to write the tune during the coronavirus lockdown, he crowd-sourced lyrics via Instagram, asking musicians to help with verses to the melodies he had stuck in his head.

After an overwhelming response, the music, lyrics and video (watch it above) came together. Variety caught up with Braun to talk “Antibodies” and whether he sees a musical future for Cousin Greg on the show, which won an Emmy for last year — and is nominated again — for outstanding original main title theme music.

Your May Instagram post had over 150,000 views, were you surprised at the reaction?

Totally! I was staying at my friend’s guest house in LA and I wasn’t posting a lot of stuff. But I had this idea and thought, ‘Maybe this is stupid or maybe other people will think it’s funny and ridiculous.’ All of a sudden, antibodies is in our vocabulary and has become this part of our verbiage. Before this, no one really talked about it, when you get the flu, you don’t talk about antibodies.

So, I put it up and people started responding to it immediately. Within ten minutes, someone had sent me a version on their keyboard. Others were asking what genre I wanted it in and were telling me what instruments they could play. Once people started doing it, I saw how it was giving them something fun to work on.

It’s such an earworm, and I mean that in a good way in that it makes you smile. How fast did it come together

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