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College of Music works on covid tuneup to keep students safe

When musicians play the flute, they forcefully blow air over the top of the mouthpiece, thereby splitting the air with half shooting several feet in front of the player, the other half flying through the instrument and soaring for many feet beyond the flute.

James Forger, Dean of the College of Music, stands masked in Murray Hall.

If this amount of detail about flute playing causes you to proclaim “Who cares!?” you are not aware of the work that is now under way in planning for the Michigan State University College of Music to open for students in just a few weeks.

All schools are scrambling to prepare for the coming academic year, but university music schools face a double problem. They have to plan for teaching students private lessons on instruments and voice, rehearsing large bands and orchestras, but also decide on how to present concerts and opera performances just like any other performance venue.

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