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Television viewers get the opportunity to "Thank a Hero" on Rooter Hero’s television and radio commercials

MISSION HILLS, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rooter Hero owner, John Akhoian, is giving up some of his airtime so listeners and viewers can publicly thank their heroes. John frequently uses his commercials to talk about his troubled childhood and to show gratitude for the way his life turned out. Now, he wants to give his viewers a chance to do the same thing.

“I can’t change the news cycle and make 2020 go away, but I can use my airtime to spread a little bit of joy,” said Akhoian. “All the news isn’t bad. There are heroes all around us, and I want to give people a chance to thank someone who has made their life better in 2020. We have the word HERO in our name, but every day we are reminded that the real heroes are our customers.”

Rooter Hero recently lost an employee to COVID-19. John remembered Stephanie in one of his commercials, and the public response was overwhelming. “People called and told us how touched they were that we used commercial airtime to memorialize, Stephanie. One person complained that we didn’t list our phone number on the commercial. That listener managed to track us down to thank us anyway. That’s when I realized we could make a difference.”

Rooter Hero has a page on their website, ( where viewers can write about their heroes. “There is no prize or money to win,” says Akhoian, “We’ll select a story that touches our hearts, and then we’ll share it with viewers and listeners. You never know, the winning entry could be something as simple as someone who shared a smile when our viewer needed it most.”

Rooter Hero Plumbing, since 1995 in Orange, California. There are 13-Rooter

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