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Looking for places to donate fiction books

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is anyone interested in several boxes of mixed general fiction books? Goodwill says its warehouse is full and Salvation Army is not accepting books either. Nursing homes are not accepting donations during the pandemic. This offer is made to anyone who could make use of the books. If interested persons will provide a phone number or email address by which they can be reached, they will be contacted. — Janet, no town

ANSWER: If you don’t have anyone take your books (and I think you surely will) you can also check used book stores. They may not accept all your books, but if you take the time to sort them and put aside the ones that are in “like-new” condition, they could sell them to raise money for their non-profit. As an example, a used bookstore I went to recently was accepting one bag of books per customer per day. The money goes to help fund the town library.

Thrift shops sponsored by churches and other non-profits and homeless shelters may also be interested. If you want to take time to “spread the wealth” and not just drop off many boxes of books at one place, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Having a book sale table at an upcoming local holiday fair is another option.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have a name in your Rolodex for someone who repairs leather? I tore the sleeve on my old beloved jacket. — Denise, no town

ANSWER: Check in with Maine Line Leather ( at 850 Main St. in Lewiston (782-6622). If they can’t help you, they may know someone who can.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for Little Lad’s Orange-Almond Granola. The store where I was buying it doesn’t carry it anymore; they only have the plain kind which is good but I really

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