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Halloween Boos!Letter: Scary movies, drive-thrus and Halloween candy beer pairings

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Welcome to the Friday edition of our Halloween Boos!Letter where the fun is intended for a grown-up audience. We hope you enjoy our selection of stories about horror films, virtual and drive-thru scares and food and drink. 

Watching scary movies is one of the hallmark elements of the Halloween season, whether that’s getting a jolt of fear when Samara Morgan comes out of the TV in “The Ring”; getting a chill down your spine when ghostface asks Sidney Prescott “do you like scary movies?” in “Scream”; or facing down the jump scares in any one of a number of classic slashers.

This week we’ve got some fun scary movie-related news for you, including an entire month’s worth of scary movies, an interview with actress Lin Shaye about her new horror film “The Call” and an interactive, virtual take on “Scream” that you can enjoy from your home, but the scares don’t stop there.

With in person events limited because of the coronavirus, Kelli Skye Fadroski recommends taking a virtual tour of some of the iconic homes from scary movies that are located right here in Southern California.

While you’re doing those things, you might want to break out those little Halloween candy bars and fun packs and grab some beer to go with it (and, yes, beer can be paired with candy).

Let’s dive in!

UNIVERSAL PICTURESA woman (Jessica Rothe) has to live the day of her murder over and over until she catches the killer in “Happy Death Day.”

Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Do you dare watch them all?

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