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Maybe television was to blame

By Rick Houser
HCP columnist

I know that the television was once called the vast wasteland. It has also been referred to as the idiot box. As a little boy, I was in that section of the baby boomers that were among the first to have grown up with a TV set permanently taking an important spot among the rooms furniture.

Probably the only item in the room that was given a spot so that all could view the screen from as many spots as possible. But as the television zoomed to the top in popularity, I have to feel that it also ushered in an item that goes with viewing your programs.

Of course, that would be snacks. These days, I doubt very many viewers watch a program without some potato chips, pretzels or Frito’s to mention only a few. It is only my guess that I say this but it only stands to reason. Before television was the radio but I doubt many folks got a handful of popcorn to listen to Jack Benny or Bob Hope. I can’t disprove it but I also just can’t visualize it. However at our home when prime time viewing came on, my mom would fix each one of us a glass of Pepsi, (she used two 12-ounce bottles and divided them equally between five of us) then she would select potato chips or popcorn or pretzels that she then divided them equally also.
We were given a section of that day’s newspaper to put over our laps and we each were given a handful of whatever she might have in stock.

The snacks were rationed and it was to no avail to ask for seconds. A family sized bag of whatever she had was by the fifth night on the

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