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Music video part of group’s push to encourage young people to vote

“Voting don’t matter and I ain’t gon let you lie to me

400 years and we still living in poverty

Last time I voted hoping my people would get promoted

Seems it was all a dream in case you didn’t notice.”

“Well I’m open to speaking on the issues, aye

Let’s talk about the elected officials, aye

Notice that I said elected, votes put them in power, that’s how they get selected

How many people you know that vote? One or two?

That’s why they get in office and do what they wanna do

When you don’t vote, you leave it to people who don’t have our problems to vote for somebody, hoping they solve them.”

[Video not showing up above? Click here to view »]

Ty Walton, a lyricist and rapper originally from Chicago who lives in Pine Bluff, put pen to paper and in two days wrote an everyday conversation to music about his friends believing their vote doesn’t matter. That resulted in a music video featuring prominent leaders in the community such as Mayor Shirley Washington, state Sen. Stephanie Flowers, state Rep. Vivian Flowers, Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods, city council members and community leaders.

Presented by the City of Pine Bluff Civic Engagement Group, this group of people had one important point to make: vote.

When the Schaefer sisters relocated to Pine Bluff from California’s San Fernando Valley earlier this summer, they knew there was something special about this town that their family was from. With election season coming up, the sisters wanted to destigmatize voting, an issue they said plagued the community, especially young adults.

Shva Schaefer, 22, Iman Schaefer, 20, and Bee Schaefer, 20, wanted to do something targeted toward younger people so they could realize their involvement in voting was significant.

“There are over 27,000 registered voters in Pine Bluff, and with covid-19 and everything

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