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11 of the best South Korean movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix right now – Insider

  • South Korean TV shows and movies are gaining popularity on Netflix.
  • The thriller “#Alive” was ranked fourth in the Netflix US Top 10 list a day after its release. 
  • The popularity of Netflix K-dramas is an extension of the “Korean Wave” phenomenon.
  • Here are 11 South Korean shows and movies that US audiences can stream right now. 
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South Korean movies and TV shows are gaining massive popularity on Netflix.

It’s the latest chapter of the new “Korean Wave” phenomenon, frequently dubbed “Hallyu.” 2020 revitalized the Korean Wave, from “Parasite’s” historic Oscar sweeps to BTS’s latest single “Dynamite.”

“Nothing happens overnight,” Ju Oak Kim, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Texas AM International University, told Insider.

When it comes to shows and movies, she explained that the “quality of Korean dramas and movies have improved overall” over time. She added that storylines in so-called “K-dramas” and films are different from what American audiences are accustomed to, but can still be embraced by audiences universally. 

If you want to find your next binge-watch, here are 11 South Korean shows and movies that US audiences should check out on Netflix.

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