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IoT Security Concerns in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Illustration: © IoT For All

The Media and Entertainment industry is bigger than ever, and it has been spurred in growth somewhat by the development of new technologies. As with any other industry, Media and Entertainment significantly benefit from collecting data and increasing connectivity.

Here are three main use cases where IoT comes into play in the Media and Entertainment industry:

Increase Customer Base and Profitability

  • Build enhanced view of customers and customer household preferences by leveraging data from wearable devices to mobile  social media data
  • Develop or acquire content that meets targeted needs of the customer base for improved profitability

Grow Advertising Revenue

  • Leverage rich customer preference information for targeted and effective advertising and hence increasing the revenues
  • Retain advertisers by moving to most appropriate channels by analyzing customer preferences around content and delivery mechanisms
  • Effective and targeted promotions and marketing efforts

Effective Operations and Multi-Channel Differentiation

  • Electronic bracelets and sensors to track customers’ movements at theme parks and on cruises for greater customer experience and differentiated experience
  • Improve customer service and differentiation through better visibility into customer content and entertainment preferences
  • Preventive maintenance and optimal utilization of media equipment and archived content based on sensor data

While IoT is changing the way the industry is operating by helping it manage and use valuable data, this improvement is not without its risks. Media and Entertainment companies are high-profile targets for cyber attacks, and often unintentionally provide malicious attackers plenty of opportunities to carry out their attacks. Let’s have a closer look at the state of the Media and Entertainment industry and main IoT security concerns.

State of the Media and Entertainment Industry

The Media

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