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Making Music is Limitless at Studio 88, Memphis’ Smallest Recording Studio

**All photos taken by Ziggy Mack**

Most of us have heard someone say, ‘Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of making your dreams come true.’ As a young girl, that statement left me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but as an adult… let’s just say, bills don’t pay themselves, doors aren’t always open, and “making it” doesn’t stop once you’ve made it.

We all have success stories we’re trying to manifest, and local recording studio, Studio 88, is doing just that. They are creating a home for local artists who believe that the magic of entertainment lies within the music—not the money, the fame, or the followers.

“We’re all tuned into the work that has come before us, thinking of Stax, Royal Studios, Ardent…” ,” said local artist and Studio 88 founder Havier Green, otherwise known as The Poet, Havi. “Back in the day, people could just walk into a studio, or be found on the street, and be discovered. Nowadays, many places won’t even look at you unless you have a certain amount of cred or money to back you up. When money starts to get involved, it’s easy to forget that passion that produced that hustle, but that’s not how you run a studio that’s really about the music.”

Photo: Rose A and Havi by Ziggy Mack

Alongside Havi are founding members,, and Memphis natives, Spekulate the Philosopher, Anna Rose Shull or “Rose A,” and Article source:

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