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15 best Jamie Lee Curtis movies ranked, including ‘Halloween,’ ‘True Lies,’ ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ [PHOTOS]

She gained fame as a “scream queen” over 40 years ago, but in the four decades since has proven her versatility in a range of genres. Award-winning comedienne, activist, author and daughter of two film icons, Jamie Lee Curtis has built an impressive resume over several mediums.

Curtis was born in Santa Monica on November 22, 1958 to actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. After finishing school, she briefly pursued an education in law, but decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps instead. In 1977, she was given a small role in an episode of “Quincy M.E.,” followed by several more small parts and a role in the short-lived “Operation Petticoat,” based on the film which had starred her father. Then she received a part in a low-budget horror film that would change her life forever.

In 1978, Curtis made her movie debut in John Carpenter‘s now-iconic “Halloween,” and the enormous success of this film locked Curtis into the “lone survivor” role. In 1980 alone, she made three more horror films, including “The Fog” for Carpenter. However, her career would have a dramatic change again with her casting in another film that would become a classic, this one in the comedy genre.

“Trading Places” (1981) allowed Curtis to display her comedic talents as well her sensuality, veering her away from the horror queen “good girl” roles and earning her a BAFTA. After receiving great acclaim for that role, as well as for the 1988 comedy “A Fish Called Wanda” (for which she received her first Golden Globe nomination), Curtis was able to branch out and has appeared in a wide variety of movies,

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