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Indian television has a real problem with LGBTQ+ erasure

Earlier last month, actor and co-creator of Schitts Creek, Daniel Levy, called out the Indian counterpart of Comedy Central on twitter for reposting a clip from the show that edited out a gay kiss.

“The censorship of gay intimacy is making a harmful statement” lashed out the multiple-Emmy winner, writing #loveislove. The tweet was flooded with replies featuring the gay kiss, and people reprimanding the network for exhibiting such prejudice.

The clip, which featured Ted Mullens (Dustin Mulligan) and David Rose (Daniel Levy) lock lips while playing Spin the bottle, also saw Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire) and Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) share a peck on the lips. While Comedy Central India decided to display the latter, the former was edited out. Levy also stated that this act goes against the power of inclusivity, which is what Schitts Creek is all about.

His anger was hardly misplaced. This is not the first instance where Indian television or channels of pop culture have snubbed homosexuality in order to pander to the heteronormative majority. Indian cinema has a long history of misrepresenting queer characters in their movies and shows. On multiple occasions, directors have capitalised on caricaturing and ridiculing gay characters on-screen while cementing the country’s existing stereotypes.

Erasing sexuality

Indian streaming platform Hotstar, which was recently acquired by Disney, boasts a wide variety of shows and movies for its Indian audience. However, in a bid to retain their operations and not invoke a ban on their functionality, the platform was known to customise its shows by censoring intimate scenes of gay romance for its audience.

Some fans of Glee who watched the show via Hotstar didn’t even know two of the

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