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Sia lashes out as ‘Music’ movie criticized by people with disabilities – Insider

  • Sia’s new musical-movie, “Music,” stars Maddie Ziegler as a young girl on the autism disorder spectrum.
  • Upon the first trailer’s release, people took issue with the continuing trend of non-disabled actors being cast in leading roles when the character has a disability. 
  • Sia began tweeting defensively at her critics with expletive-laden messages, and in one case saying an autistic actor who expressed a desire to be in the film was “maybe just a bad actor.” 
  • Representatives for Sia and the production company behind “Music” didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. 
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Sia unveiled the first look at her upcoming musical-movie production about a young girl on the autism spectrum, and was immediately met with dismay by people with disabilities who took issue with the portrayal of autism. 

The movie is called “Music,” and stars Maddie Ziegler (the former “Dance Moms” star and Sia’s longtime creative partner) as a girl named Music. 

Since Ziegler is able-bodied and neurotypical, many people saw the trailer for “Music” and identified the film as continuing a harmful Hollywood pattern of characters with disabilities being played by non-disabled actors. 

Sia’s began firing off defensive tweets at the critics, and things quickly became chaotic.

Representatives for Sia and the production company behind “Music” didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment. 

When asked why a disabled actor wasn’t cast for the main role, Sia said it would have been ‘cruel, not kind’

In the trailer for “Music,” Ziegler’s character appears unable to communicate verbally.

Her half-sister (played by Kate Hudson) is seen talking with a friend (played by Leslie Odom Jr.) about how Music can understand what’s being said around her but sees the world in “a completely different way from us” and needs help communicating. 


“Hi Sia, can I ask why you didn’t cast a disabled actor

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