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UMD students hit the books; Spring semester begins Wednesday

DULUTH, MN–The University of Minnesota Duluth students will start hitting the books for their spring semester on Wednesday, and it’s going to look very similar to the fall.

“We’ll have some face to face, we will have somewhat we’re calling, “blended instruction,” which is a combination of face to face and online,” said UMD Chancellor Lendley Black.

UMD’s online courses will be split into two categories; synchronous, meaning the class has immediate feedback from professors.

And asynchronous where the class is largely self-taught.

Sophomore Luke Frisco said the fall semester went well, but it has been hard learning online.

“There’s not that connection or anything, so even if it is a class you really enjoy there’s just not that sort of personal connection with either your professor or classmates,” said Frisco.

UMD officials say 53% of students will have at least one face to face class, something Frisco is looking forward to.

“Even just being on campus for whether it’s dropping off a library book or going to work or something,” said Frisco. “Just being in the presence of campus gives a sense of normalcy.”

UMD officials say they are continuing to follow CDC, state, and local health guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

So far, the school saw 600 COVID positive cases between students, faculty, and staff.

“And that 600 number is not a bad number if you consider the fact that we have a university community of about 12,000.”

The campus has also made changes to its spring break.

Students will have two days off in March, with three days off before final exams.

UMD updates their COVID-19 plan daily, for more information click here.

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