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The Books of James Herriot | Masterpiece | Official Site

Are you delighted with the 2021 TV adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small?  Discover (or rediscover) the timeless charm in the books that inspired the series by the rural veterinarian of Yorkshire, England. We’ve laid out the books in order for you and added some context about the author, along with reactions from our adaptation’s lead writer Ben Vanstone (The English Game, The Last Kingdom, Merlin, East Enders) as he read Herriot’s stories for the first time.

But perhaps pause to picture this full-time vet at age 50, after a demanding day visiting isolated farms and tending to large animal livestock in distress. In front of the evening television, he bangs out drafts of short stories with an Olivetti typewriter in his lap. It turns out Herriot found writing to be a most relaxing hobby! And it wasn’t until 25 years into his veterinary career that he pursued publication of his first manuscript. Even then, it took four years to find a UK publisher.

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    All Creatures Great and Small

    All Creatures Great and Small book coverAll Creatures Great and Small book cover
    First published in 1972

    Book Summary:  We meet young Herriot as he lands a job at a rural veterinary practice in Yorkshire, England during the 1930’s Great Depression. His early experiences living and working with Siegfried Farnon and Siegfried’s brother Tristan are told in short, anecdotal chapters—including the comings and goings at Skeldale House, meeting quirky Dale farmers and townspeople, and caring for their animals. (St. Martin’s Publishing Group, reissue edition, 2020.)

    Did You Know?  James Herriot was a pen name chosen by British veterinarian, James Alfred Wight. The pseudonym made sense as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons frowned on members who advertised. (Jim Herriot was actually the name

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