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The Marvel Television Shows Ranking

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is often described as a television series for a moviegoing audience. That said, the actual television shows based in the universe haven’t been treated with the same respect as the films. Marvel Studios will attempt to change all of that with WandaVison. Premiering on Friday, it begins Marvel’s concerted effort to expand the MCU from just two to three films a year into a year-round, multiplatform content machine powered by some of Hollywood’s most profitable IP.

Starting with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2013, a throwaway line here and a few guest appearances there was the most Marvel Television could do to weave the bigger story of the MCU into the small screen, but now the universe is expanding. WandaVision and the rest of Marvel’s Disney+ series going forward will have direct reverberations on MCU continuity at large. That is a new perk afforded to the new slate of MCU shows that the old shows did not get—one that comes with built-in interest from fans and, oh yeah, participation from A-list actors who in the past would never deign to appear on the small screen.

But before we move on to a new era of Marvel Television, let’s look back at the shows that came before. Let’s remember the roasts of Danny Rand, the hallway fights of Daredevil, and answer the question people truly want an answer to: What was the best TV show based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

12. Inhumans

Inhumans is, without a doubt, the worst product Marvel has ever put its name on. Yes, worse than Blade: Trinity, Thor: The Dark World, or any of the three Fantastic Four movies. Ever since it was announced in 2014, it’s been a rocky road. It was supposed to be the

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