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Making Music During the Pandemic

How Midwestern musicians are surviving the pandemic, and how the industry will change. Song Show host Brick Briscoe gives his predictions.

As part of our ongoing coverage COVID Between the CoastsWNIN’s Steve Burger talked with Song Show host Brick Briscoe on how professional musicians are managing their careers when they can’t play live events. One thing is clear, recording collaborations will never be the same. Here is a transcript:

Burger: You mentioned that the industry is driven by optimism, but yet optimism is nowhere to be found right now.

Briscoe: Yeah. Well the optimism is the real optimism is that a guy or gal is setting at home and wrote a song, figured out how they can record it on their own, work their butt off on it. And also they’ve got this great thing to share it to the world. The pessimism is there’s so much noise because everybody and their brother’s doing the same thing every day and your have to cut through that noise to get that heard by anybody other than your close friends and to get the publicity you need. You have to have a little bit of money to pay a publicist or you have to be really good at social media to stand out to get anybody to hear what you do. So that’s the pessimism the wheels of the industry are still chugging but those wheels take some grease and grease

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