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‘This Is Us’ producer breaks down those Laurel answers, Randall’s revelation

In the final minute of the episode, we see another moment between these star-crossed brothers, this time with Randall reaching out to Kevin, who shuts it down in the moment because he’s in crisis. They had an uncomfortable conversations prior to this episode, but what can you hint about what repair might look like, when they finally can get on the same page?

Earned. That’s a big thing. And I know that our beautiful, wonderful, kind fans are just stressed out beyond belief about like, “When are these brothers going to connect?” But when it does happen — and it’s going to happen — it’s going to be something that both men have had a journey that they’re both able to bring to that reunion in a different way. It’s more than just like, “My bad! Brothers say crazy things, am I right?,” and then, like, a high-five. [Laughs] It’s so much more than that. We wanted to make sure that both Kevin and Randall were having these experiences, so when they reunite, there is a depth of life that they can bring to the table that neither of them is aware of.

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