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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Just Accomplished Something That No Other Movie Has Ever Done On Netflix

Back on March 23, 2020, Spenser Confidential pulled off the seemingly impossible. A feat matched by no other movie on Netflix

since, the Mark Wahlberg movie completed its 18th consecutive first-place showing on the Top 10 rankings for movies on that day.

From that point moving forward, “18 days” represented the pinnacle for movies on Netflix. Past that number, your movie expected to have little impact on the Top 10 rankings.

That is until now.

We Can Be Heroes just saw its fourth consecutive day atop the Top 10 rankings for movies, and its eighth day overall in first place. The children’s superhero film premiered back on Christmas Day of 2020, and since then has moved up and down the daily charts.

Here’s the thing though: December 25 was 19 days ago. Which means We Can Be Heroes is now the most popular movie on the world’s most popular streaming service 19 days into its run—which is something no other movie has done in Netflix’s Top 10 era.

While We Can Be Heroes didn’t spend its first 18 days the #1 position like Spenser Confidential did, the Mark Wahlberg film wasn’t as viral on its 19th day as We Can Be Heroes currently is on Netflix. On March 24, Spenser Confidential had dipped down to second place. And just eight days later, the Wahlberg action film would completely exit the Top 10.

Very few movies have managed to be #1 after just ten days on Netflix—let alone 19 days. In fact, only four other movies have seen the first-place position after ten days: Spenser Confidential, Hubie Halloween, Project Power

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