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15 films we (hopefully!) will see in a movie theater in 2021, from ‘Suicide Squad’ to ‘Top Gun 2’

our favorite things about movie theaters, though many of us haven’t visited one since last March.

Since shuttering because of COVID-19 almost a year ago, select cinemas have reopened but not enough for studios to open their biggest movies in a theater. It’s a new year, however: People are getting vaccinated, and 2021 might be our grand return to moviegoing. Or it might be a disaster.

While no one’s really sure how the next several months will go at this point, the good news is there’s a slew of ready-to-be blockbusters on the as-of-right-this-second theatrical schedule, just waiting for a (probably mask-wearing, definitely social-distancing) audience. Most of last year’s huge projects shifted to this year, which already was plenty busy.

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But let’s be positive! (At least until it all falls apart again.) Here are the 15 movies that we most want to see in a movie theater in 2021. Suffice it to say, release dates are subject to change.

Daniel Craig wears James Bond's suit one last time in No Time to Die.

1. ‘No Time to Die’ (April 2)

OK, real talk: There are more than 20,000 people dying every week right now from COVID, and that measurement doesn’t seem to be righting itself anytime soon, so chances are Daniel Craig’s last James Bond movie will get punted again, probably to the fall. (And maybe as this sentence is being typed.) Still, whenever it comes out, his swan song taking on Rami Malek as a psycho tech supervillain is going to be cool.

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