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New movies: Searing satire ‘White Tiger’ is your best bet

Your best streaming bets this week include a four-star Netflix release, a gay romance, a likely Oscar nominee for best international film and two killer-diller horror films.

Here’s our weekly recommendations:

“The White Tiger”: Ramin Bahrani’s fierce satire rips into India’s caste system, showing how so-called “nice” rich folks betray and mistreat the “help” even though they consider themselves woke. Sound familiar? Funny and never dull, “Tiger” makes a star out of newcomer Adarsh Gourav, who taps into the dark comic spirit of Aravind Adiga’s 2008 award-winning novel. Gourav plays Balram, the likeable narrator hired as a driver for two silver-spooned lovebirds (Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka Chopra Jonas — absolutely perfect in the role). When a tragic incident happens (avoid the trailer, it gives away too much), Balram discovers just how dispensable he is to his employers. “Tiger ” is a beast of a drama, especially when it lets it claws out. Details: 4 stars; available Jan. 22 on Netflix.

“No Man’s Land”: There’s a fear early on that this border drama will be a white-washed affair, focusing exclusively on the handsome, cocky college-bound Jackson (Jake Allyn) and his odyssey after he accidentally shoots dead a young boy crossing the border. While the Jake Allyn/David Barraza screenplay does focus on Jackson, “No Man’s Land” balances the white man’s angst with the pain and desire for blood vengeance of the boy’s father, a priest (Jorge A. Jimenez). No one comes out a winner, certainly not Jackson’s parents (Frank Grillo and Andie MacDowell). Director Conor Allyn tells a potent story for our times, one made all the sharper by George Lopez in a supporting role as a no-nonsense Texas Ranger. One complaint: At just a shade under 2 hours, “No Man’s Land” feels too long. Details: 3 stars, available Jan. 22 for streaming

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