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Black Minnesotans making history in music

Edwards: Well, I’m excited to talk about what we’ve done, Kyle, but I’ll open it up first of all to the others. What are the ways you’re making a positive difference? How has your approach to music changed in the last year?

Gaston: In the last year, Nimic, she dropped a song called ‘Win Again.’

Nimic Revenue: Somehow, somebody at Madden picked it up. It’s actually been doing a lot of big things for me. Ever since the Super Bowl, it’s been going viral. That’s been a real blessing but other than that, man, I’ve really just been focused on heavily trying to help the community out here in Minnesota. That’s why we started this label here is that I’m developing artists to be themselves wholeheartedly to where the difference is embraced and you’re able to project that in your music as well.

RAJITHEONE: My focus was not on music. I’m currently in Chicago. Chicago was hit hard after the George Floyd scenario. We had kids who couldn’t go to school, they wasn’t getting their food programs, you had looting going on. I got up and created a non-profit called the Culture Chicago. Also, directing content for small businesses and I think that’s been like an awesome way to help our people.

Kyle Skye: Through Bay Laurel, we host free camps for inner-city youth. As far as music goes, we started a platform last year called Tundra. We wanted to show the world that we have artists here in the Twin Cities that belong on that main stage.

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