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New TV offerings, very different types of entertainment

(KGET) — There are two very different entertainment options for your television viewing this week. One is a new streaming service comedy while the other is a dark made-for-cable movie inspired by true events.

“Millennials” is a half-hour comedy series debuting Feb. 25 on the newly rebranded streaming service ALLBLK. The six-episode series about four 20-something roommates and their neighbors across the hall trying to navigate the chaos of being young and finding success is from Bentley Kyle Evans. The show’s creator has a long and successful career that includes creating the series “Martin.”

Shows such as “Living Single” looked at life through the eyes of a group of female friends. Evans describes “Millennials” as being a show that looks at the black experience from a male’s perspective.

“You’ve seen it as individuals and in family situations, but I think it was like we wanted to give a message of what that black experience was like, like that dorm room experience,” Evans says. “With this ensemble piece, I think we’re able to capture that in a very unique way.”

Offering that perspective will be Omar (Kyle Massey, “That’s So Raven,”), a business student looking to conquer the corporate world. He is pushing his friends – Jaheem (Keraun “King Keraun” Harris), a personal trainer, Travis (Philip Bolden, Are We There Yet?) an insecure YouTuber and college dropout Todd (Aaron Grady, “Everybody Hates Chris”) – to get their acts together. The only one who seems to know what is going on is their hardworking neighbor Mercedes (Teresa “Topnotch” Celeste), an aspiring actress from Atlanta who provides a voice of reason for the guys.

Evans saw the immediate chemistry needed to make this buddy comedy work as the cast was being put together.

“It just seemed like these were four unlikely individuals that could come together and create this

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