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It’s The 1-Year Anniversary Of Netflix’s Top 10 List. During That Time, These 50 Movies Dominated The Most

Netflix notably keeps a tight wrap on its viewership numbers. Every once in a while, the platform will release some statistics—but that practice is almost always in service of promoting a specific movie or show. And as the world’s most popular streaming service gains more and more subscribers, the latest programs will continue to break more and more records.

But there has been one constant for the past 365 days: the Top 10 list. These charts lay out the ten most popular movies and shows (there are two separate lists) on a daily basis. The beauty of this list is that the number of subscribers does not affect a movie or show’s ranking. If it’s not one of the top ten shows on Netflix? Then it doesn’t make the list.

Netflix introduced the feature back in late February of 2020. And since then, 381 different movies have appeared on the list (I’ve kept track of every one). Which has to make one wonder: which of these movies have been the most popular?

I happen to know. Last year, I was excited by the possibility of being able to track movie and show performance on the world’s most viral streaming platform. So I developed a points-based system that allowed me to rank which movies and shows had the best showings on a day-by-day, a week-by-week, a month-by-month, a year-by-year basis.

So since it’s officially been one

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