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Kathryn Hahn, Beyond ‘WandaVision’: Her Best Movies & TV Shows — Watch

It’s safe to say that society as a whole has never talked about Kathryn Hahn more than they have during the past few weeks. Not when she was a series regular for six seasons on cable. Not when she was getting Oscar buzz for a critically adored Sundance drama. And certainly not when she was the lead of her own HBO series (which she also produced).

Thus is the power of “WandaVision” and the MCU at large. The fandom is so fierce, the viewership so broad, that virtually every actor — lead or supporting — gets their time to shine. After seven long weeks waiting for Hahn’s nosy neighbor Agnes to turn into something more, boy did she ever.

And Hahn delivered.

Of course, she always does. There is not a “bad” Kathryn Hahn performance out there. When polling the IndieWire staff for their favorite roles, some bad movies were tossed out, but not bad performances. The fact she can build someone’s most cherished performance within a stale comedy or inept drama is just one more testament to the power of Hahn.

So while it’s beyond great to see the Northwestern grad finally transition from cult favorite character actor to beloved household name (she even has her own merch), one still has to wonder: What took so long? Hahn has been dazzling, day in, day out, for nearly two decades. She’s been the scene-stealing supporting player more times than one can count, and her leading turns have drawn effusive praise. Some of her projects are artistic indies, yes, but she’s also been a key part of major hits like the “Bad Moms” movies, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Step Brothers.”

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