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Oscar Voters – No Time or Desire to Watch the Movies? Here is a Primer

In the past, Oscar voters had the holidays to gather around the hearth with their family, watch movies and celebrate while on vacation from the daily grind. Now, it’s this weekend in March with ballots due in just four days. Some will do it quickly to get it over with. Some will do it carefully, new members usually, and watch everything to make sure they have made all of the right choices. And some will procrastinate until the last minute and then jot them down as quickly as possible.

A lot of the films that populate the Oscar race in a given year, at least lately, have tended to be depressing downers. Given the year we just lived through, the trauma of lockdown life, and the hopelessness many feel may make the darker, sadder movies a tougher sell. I’ve spoken to a few people who are dreading watching any of them. “I just can’t do it,” they say.

In general, we know that voters (and most everyone else) tend to be drawn to movies with big stars in them. They will watch movies with strong word of mouth, and probably they’ll watch anything that has already won a major award. Puritans who are offended by hard truths should stop reading here: but in general, yes, Virginia, humans overall and men especially, will always leap for the hot and sexy movies if they are offered – which nowadays, are few and far between. Put a naked actress in a movie and male voters will watch it. Put a naked actress having sex in a movie and male voters will watch it. So let’s get to it.

The Frontrunner

Nomadland, a film written, directed and EDITED by Chloe Zhao. If she pulls this off, Zhao would become the first woman of color to win Best Director

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