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Ford and Mappo enrich the traditional road trip through history, books, movies and music

Ford vehicles now offer another way to enrich people’s car rides and road trips, whether they’re preparing to enjoy the great outdoors or rediscover their own neighborhoods after more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions.

Mappo is a new way to explore the world around you through the lens of history, popular culture, architecture, sports and more – all supported by audio content from literary icons, historians, authors, musicians and others. Now available for iOS and Android devices, the app includes themed routes and is expected to expand quickly through crowd-sourced, user-generated content from people around the world.

“People love telling their friends about interesting places in books, movies and music – now they can share these passions with the world through Mappo,” said Stuart Taylor, global director, Ford enterprise connectivity. “Mappo makes long drives or brief escapes richer experiences, whether people stay inside their vehicle or step out to experience a landmark.”

After supporting development of the app, Ford is the first automaker to offer its customers an in-vehicle Mappo experience. Customers who have vehicles equipped with SYNC® 3 or SYNC 4 technology will be able to use Mappo through voice commands, giving them an easy way to experience the app as they travel. Mappo also will be available for the all-new 2021 F-150, Mustang Mach-E, Bronco SUV and other future Ford vehicles.

While many mapping apps relay a park location or the hours of a restaurant, Mappo offers people a different look at the world around them. Powered by an innovative software engine – plus the ability for users to add notable locations – Mappo lets travelers explore cities by getting to know the cultural, historical and heritage sites. Points of interest aren’t just marked on a map, but are supported with content such as quotes, book clips and trivia.

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