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The Indy Music Strategy Committee lays pitches 3-year plan

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indy Music Strategy Committee is hoping to strike a chord with the city of Indianapolis.

The committee created a 3-year plan for the economic development of Indy’s music industry. The committee came up with it after a nearly 2-year study with input from 1,200 members of the community.

Initial recommendations include creating more opportunities in music education, expand services and training for artist development, memorialize sites and musicians with historic significance, and support multi-day events and venues with local artists.

“There’s a story about Indianapolis that doesn’t get told. The music of Indianapolis and the broad range of artists we really believe can compete with any other city and yet we have not made that a part of Indianapolis’s story that we tell to people who would come to Indianapolis,” said Michael Huber, president and CEO of Indy Chamber.

The goal is to promote the city’s music history, and help it grow into a music destination.

Research by music policy consultants found the music industry generates over a billion dollars and 8,000 jobs in Indianapolis. 

“If we do this right, we can start by seeing employment growing in the low thousands but ultimately really a snowball effect, especially if we can make Indianapolis known as a place where artists can succeed and music venues have got a great environment for attracting audiences,” said Huber.

The downloadable 3-year plan and a video presentation is available at

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