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Why old books get new attention and other commentary

From the left: Why Old Books Get New Attention

It’s “odd to find progressives defending capitalist values, as if there were no considerations other than property rights where culture is concerned,” snarks The Nation’s Katha Pollitt. Yes, Dr. Seuss Enterprises owns the rights to the six books it discontinued over a “few offending pictures and words.” But if “we insist on holding cultural history to contemporary standards, what will we have left?” And let’s face it, “of all the racist, sexist, classist things children are exposed to, decades-old children’s books seem pretty low on the list. Consider our de facto segregated public schools and neighborhoods, our crumbling de facto segregated public housing” and “the shocking violence of everyday life to which so many children are exposed.” But ­“attacking old books is easier than making the ­social and economic changes that would improve the actual lives of real children and their parents.”

Conservative: The Big Tech ‘Conspiracy’

Would Adam Smith shrug at cancel culture if it’s private corporations doing the dirty work? Many conservatives think so, assuming “free-market purity” is on their side, observes Daniel McCarthy in Spectator USA. But in fact, the Scottish sage “warned in ‘The Wealth of Nations’ that ‘people of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and ­diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.’?” That’s what’s happening with Amazon’s censorship of books like “When Sally Became Harry” and the Big Tech collusion to destroy Parler. “The tech companies that control and constrain online communications in the United States are indeed ‘a conspiracy against the public,’ not to raise prices — though that warrants a closer look — but to impose their politics and morals on everyone.” To push back, Americans need a “new philosophical

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