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One Man’s Pursuit to Change the Entertainment Industry

Richard “RB” Botto is changing the way the entertainment industry operates. A forerunner in his field, Richard saw first-hand the obstacles facing fresh talent in the entertainment industry and decided to create the solution himself. He pulled his resources, created a vast network of talent, and in 2011 Stage 32  was born.

Stage 32 serves as a global social networking and education platform for the entertainment industry connecting over 750,000 members worldwide. But it’s more than just social networking and education; it’s revolutionizing the way this industry has operated for decades. Stage 32 boasts networking tools and an extensive library of resources for those in the entertainment industry.

“I recognized the doors were going to swing open for creatives and professionals all over the globe, and that’s exactly what happened,” Botto said. “I believed there needed to be a platform that democratized the industry by connecting content creators with executives, production companies, studios and streamers effectively creating a robust marketplace between the two parties.

Stage 32 does this for its content creators by connecting, training and providing access beyond the gatekeepers. For our executives and pros, they are getting a first look at curated content creating a winning situation for all. With the sheer amount of content being produced today, more and more financiers, production companies, networks and streamers are turning to Stage 32 to discover new voices and material.

RB and his team at Stage 32 have been faithful to their promise and continually provide the tools everyone in this growing industry needs for success. Stage 32 boasts the largest library of its kind in the world, with over 1,500 hours of on-demand film, television, and digital education.

Its main strength? Connecting talent across the globe, regardless of location or existing industry connections, and providing that

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