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Essentials: 7 Illuminating Books on Photography

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While the first photograph was created a decade earlier, 1839 is the year that photography was made practical by the introduction of the daguerreotype, the salt print, and other technologies. Within a decade or so, photography had become a fixture of daily life and even a form of artistic expression, though one that relied on cumbersome cameras to ape the vocabulary of painting. But during the first half of the 20th century, lighter cameras and faster films made it possible to take sharply focused images on the fly, creating a new aesthetic bound uniquely to the camera. By midcentury, the idea of photography as a fine art had been established firmly enough to warrant its own field of study. Since then, all sorts of books on the topic have been published, ranging from histories of the medium to personal meditations on the same to critical evaluations of photography’s impact on society. Our list of recommended books on photography features examples of each, and more. (Prices and availability current at time of publication.)

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1. Susan Sontag, On Photography
Susan Sontag, a public intellectual when being one was still possible, published On Photography in 1977. This was a time when the rational, modernist world view born of the Enlightenment began to give way to postmodernism—which, among other notions, stipulated that society could longer agree on a shared perception of the truth. Sontag’s book,

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