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Bringing sports movies series to a close with TV favorites

I’ve written a lot in this column about sports movies this summer – maybe too much – but always about the big screen.

What about TV, though? There aren’t as many fictional narrative options on the old tube for a sports fix, but there are certainly enough to check out if you haven’t already done so. Below are five shows about sports that are worth your time and attention.


Is there a more popular TV show about sports than “Friday Night Lights?”

The five-season show started airing in 2006, two years after the film by the same name was released. The NBC product, which is streaming on Peacock right now, captures the high-stakes world of Texas high school football like nothing else.

The four-time Emmy award-winning show has two notable stars in Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, but its entire cast is a delight to watch. There is no other sports TV show that features more actual time on the field than this one. Averaging 6 million viewers per episode over the first two seasons, this show sets the standard for fictional sports on television.


“Ted Lasso” is a relatively new show, but a darn good one.

Based on the NBC short “An American Coach in London,” it features Jason Sudeikis as a NCAA champion football coach who lands a no-experience gig as a professional soccer coach in London.

The premise is silly, and there are plenty of cheesy jokes about the contrast between American and English sports, but the strength of the show is its genuine sincerity. In a world where TV shows boost ratings and keep plots alive with trauma, sarcasm or shock value, “Ted Lasso” just relies on being sweet and relatable. Even if you don’t care much for soccer, the Apple TV Plus show is worth a watch.


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