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The characters in these series – for ages 3 to 14 – are worth revisiting

I avoid series that have numbers as their most distinguishing feature. I adore those in which characters grow, plots expand or I can return to locales I love. In Kes and Claire Gray’s “Frog On A Log?” animals must sit on objects or creatures that rhyme with their classification. That leaves frog squished and splintery […]

Books: John Scalzi on writing the future during the age of Trump; LA murals, lost and found; a review of Michael …

Hello readers! I’m Carolyn Kellogg, books editor at the L.A. Times. Here’s what you’ll find in our pages this week: THE BIG STORY “How do science fiction writers trying to build dystopias in their fiction compete with a real world where the United States government is actively denying climate change and threatening nuclear exchanges, where […]

Lifetime collection of Buffalo’s earliest books finds a home at UB

The 370 books and pamphlets  Eugene Musial collected over his more than nine decades included the first books ever printed and published in Buffalo. Think about that. There aren’t memorable, first-edition novels, or biographies of early presidents or adventurers. But the government documents, books and other materials offer a rare glimpse into a nearly lost […]

11 Of The Most Popular Self-Help Books On Amazon Right Now

Whether you’re struggling with financial issues, trying to understand your love life, looking for fulfillment with less, or searching for the meaning of true happiness, there’s a book out there for you. Article source:

In Wild Things, Bruce Handy Revisits Your Favorite Children’s Books

Vanity Fair contributing editor Bruce Handy’s new book, Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature As an Adult, arrives at an ironic time in his life. It was published this month, just as he and his wife, fellow author Helen Schulman, become empty nesters. It’s a fascinating look into the books many of us […]

Use old books to create fun decor – Bryan

Old books are one of my favorite thrifty finds. They are everywhere and they’re often inexpensive. If you frequent garage sales or thrift stores, you have likely seen piles of books begging for a home. Our local library even gives them away sometimes. Hundred-year-old treasures lie in wait, often for a dollar or less. That’s […]

Ex-area resident’s books win awards

In 2003, Michael Kinnett sold everything he owned, bought a travel trailer, and moved from central Illinois to Florida with his wife, Billie. “I haven’t regretted it a second yet,” the Rossville native said in a telephone interview from Apalachicola, Fla. That move changed the course of his life, as he became immersed in local […]

We Now Know What Books and Movies are in the Guantanamo Bay Prison Library

There are an equally large number of works of history, folk tales, and other classical and other culturally appropriate texts, including discussions of the tenets of Islam and Sharia law. The library has a number of translated works of western fiction, as well, such as some of the Shakespeare’s plays, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of […]

What Southern Folks Eat – Mmm, Mmm good: memories of books and cooking

By Stephanie Hill-FrazierSpecial to The Star   Books have always held a great deal of interest for me, from the time I was old enough to comprehend that books were a thing, thanks to my parents and their own love of books, and who read to me daily. I’ve always been an insatiable reader. I […]

Shit yeah, American books are getting more profane

Let no one say a comedian can’t influence culture. A new study from psychology scholars at San Diego State and the University of Georgia have found that books have become increasingly more profane since the 1950s, and that George Carlin’s famous 1972 comedy routine “The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” is to […]