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My two favorite times someone says "evil" in the movies

Get the gist on hundreds of books in 12 minutes apiece If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not just hungry for success. You’re hungry for knowledge, the insights that can lead to bigger and better ideas and ways to implement them. That knowledge is out there in the bestselling biz books that have changed the game […]

Hallmark Released Its 2019 ‘Countdown to Summer’ Lineup and It Starts So Soon

Summer’s still a little ways away, but thanks to some big news from the Hallmark Channel, we already have a few reasons to get excited. Four, to be exact. That’s how many brand-new movies the network is rolling out as part of their “Countdown to Summer” television event. The first film in the lineup is […]

Best grownup Easter movies to binge this weekend

This coming Sunday, April 21, is Easter, and while some people might be ready for the holiday, it’s not for everyone. If you’re not religious, too old for Easter egg hunts, or just simply don’t understand how anyone could possibly believe an Easter bunny delivers chocolate eggs in the middle of the night, then maybe […]

11 Canceled DC Movies That We Wish Got Made (And 9 That Still Could Be)

Daring to be vastly different in terms of tone and of scope than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe looked to kickstart their entire shared universe with Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, as opposed to Marvel’s formula of introducing all of these characters firsts and then do a big team-up movie. The result […]

‘Avengers: Endgame’: Which Marvel Movies Do You Need to Watch in Advance?

With the release of Avengers: Endgame coming up fast, some fans may wonder what Marvel movies they really need to see to be ready for the new movie, in which our crestfallen heroes must rally to defeat Thanos. After all, not everyone has the time or stamina to sit through a 59-hour marathon of 22 […]

All Chris Evans Movies Ranked

Even if Chris Evans hadn’t played Captain America in the MCU over the last eight years, there’s all kind of evidence he’s some kind of secret comic book nerd. He played the ice-cool Human Torch in two Fantastic Four movies. He was the comic relief in The Losers. He played a jerk-ass ex-boyfriend of Ramona […]

14 times the Notre-Dame Cathedral was featured in movies

In “Before Sunrise,” two people briefly meet on a train in Vienna, share an intense connection, and part ways. In the sequel, “Before Sunset,” the pair meet again in Paris for another shot at love. During a romantic scene, the couple rides an excursion boat in the Seine River and enjoy a sweeping view of […]

All 13 Disneynature Movies, Ranked

1. Chimpanzee Year: 2012Director: Alastair Fothergill and Mark LinfieldNarrator: Tim AllenMonkey Kingdom might be the most enjoyable Disneynature film, but Chimpanzee is far-and-away the best. The filmmakers lucked into an actual story, and came away with evidence proving some long-held theories of chimp society. Even Jane Goodall came out to stump for this movie at […]

Luci, a New VR Headset Company, Wants to Take You to the Movies

Virtual reality startup Luci is debuting a new headset that is intended for at-home VR movie viewing (though, yes, the devices can be used with video game systems too). The Luci Immers headsets can be used for 3D movies, and the headset can put them in a virtual movie theater for a more immersive experience. […]

Beyoncé the Creator: ‘Homecoming’ Review

The “intimate” and “candid” moments touted by Netflix are brief in comparison, appearing between long, uninterrupted musical segments from the show. Those moments will be enough to satisfy the overzealous Beyhive (though what Beyoncé-related content doesn’t satisfy the Beyhive?) and probably more casual fans and admirers, too. Montages reveal footage of the rehearsal process; performers […]