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The 10 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Including Terminator, Total Recall And More

Now, we would be remiss if we didn’t bring up a few titles that didn’t make the cut. For instance, The Expendables movies are notable, but none were included here because they really are more ensemble pieces than Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. At least, in my opinion. Arnold only has a single scene in the first […]

All of Netflix’s horror/thriller movies and shows, ranked by critics

Year: 2018 – Movie or TV series: TV series Starring: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo, Critical rating: 82% fresh The show’s overall look cast a spell on critics — as did the writing and impressive cast performances. Most importantly, critics were pleased that the show seemed to have something to say. As […]

Which Movies On Rotten Tomatoes Have Terrible Ratings But Are Actually Really Good?

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23 Movies To Watch If You Already Miss "Stranger Things"

The gist: A futuristic sci-fi about, well, aliens, this is the follow-up to Alien but arguably the more iconic of the two. The connection: The Upside Down and its creatures feature a lot of Aliens homages, and Paul Reiser – Dr Owens in the show – plays a similar role in Aliens. Article source:

Box Office: ‘Aladdin’ Passes 3 ‘Harry Potter’ Movies On All-Time Earnings List

Aladdin Disney This past weekend’s earnings for Aladdin were chump change compared to what it had accomplished during the early stages of its run—but it was enough to push Disney’s latest blockbuster past four Harry Potter films. Aladdin pulled in $6.2 million domestically and $15.6 million from foreign markets this past weekend to push its […]

Which Highly-Rated Movies Are Actually Pretty Bad?

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Quentin Tarantino Says If He Commits to Directing ‘Star Trek,’ That’s His Last Movie

Quentin Tarantino broke the hearts of many fans earlier this month by reminding them he is still planning to retire from filmmaking after helming his 10th feature film. As the writer-director told GQ Australia, “I think when it comes to theatrical movies, I’ve come to the end of the road. I see myself writing film books […]

August’s Must See Movies

Kids may be gearing up to head back to school but the box office boom doesn’t stop in August. In fact, August has proven to be a coveted calendar spot in recent years, with huge opening weekends for movies like Suicide Squad (2016) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). This year should be no exception […]

A look at the most anticipated movies hitting the box office this month

A new report finds Wisconsin’s favorite movie from the 1990s was Titanic. It also happened to be the most popular film across the country, which really is no surprise. It was the highest  domestic grossing film of the decade. The other popular movies were Men in Black, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story 2, […]

All The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week (July 14-20)

Sum Up: A talking frog, which claims it was formerly a human prince, mistakes a New Orleans girl for a princess. When the frog kisses her, the girl also turns into a frog. Then the two talking frogs go on a trip through the Southern bayous on a quest to return to form. This had […]