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YouTube Music cloud upload and library rolling out more widely

Google last week very quietly detailed and began rolling out the ability to upload songs to its Play Music successor. This afternoon, YouTube Music’s cloud library looks to be more widely available. Once enabled for your account, tapping your profile avatar in the top-right corner of the web app reveals a new “Upload music” menu […]

RIAA Study Shows 2019 Music Revenue Increased 13%, Subscription Income Up 25%

A study just released by the RIAA shows bad and worse news for sectors of the recorded music business like physical media sales and digital downloads … but better and better news for streaming. And that’s the only news that matters when it comes to revenue for the music industry in the United States. Streaming […]

Music Fingers is the newest weird beat-making gadget

The trend of gadgets that rethink the physical ways we make music is continuing with a little wearable device called Music Fingers. It literally puts music at your fingertips, and lets you tap out beats on any surface. It’s a clip-like device that’s goes on your finger, and sort of looks like any pulse reader […]

The right music can soothe your savage beast, err cat

This cat looks pretty calm already. Amanda Kooser/CNET Next time your beloved kitty is antsy about visiting the veterinarian, consider playing music composed just for cats. Louisiana State University researchers have found that playing music specially made just for cats can help calm their nerves while going through the stressful vet visit. Previously, researchers determined […]

US music sales set 13-year record after streaming surge

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Music to die for

She walked in. She sat down about 12 feet from me. She closed her eyes in some kind of meditation. Then she began to play. Oh my God, did she play! She played most of the concert with her eyes closed. I listened for most of the concert with my eyes closed. The pianist in […]

Time Is Fire turns day-to-day reality into music

If you were to analyze Time Is Fire’s new album “In Pieces,” well, in pieces, you’d find bits reminiscent of music past and present, with punk, dance, dub and psychedelia, and a heavy dose of sounds from across the globe. But looking for signposts of musical forebears would be a fool’s errand. Article source:

Craig Owens Responds To Negativity Through Music, Shares Surprise New D.R.U.G.S. Song

Craig Owens Matt Cardinal Craig Owens is exactly where he wants to be. Once considered to be at the forefront of the emo and post-hardcore scene of the mid to late aughts while fronting bands such as Chiodos and D.R.U.G.S., in recent years Owens has shifted gears. He’s been… quiet. On his terms. Quiet, but […]

Coronavirus Fears Hit Music and Entertainment Stocks

Some music companies’ stock prices took a hit Monday (Feb. 24) as markets around the world fell sharply on fears the coronavirus is not contained and will leave a large impact on economies around the world.  Concert promoter and ticketing company Live Nation fell 8% and Ryman Hospitality was down 5.8%. Ryman makes roughly 90% […]

Songs at Kobe Bryant’s memorial: The meaning behind the music

LOS ANGELES — Anyone who watched the celebration of life at the Staples Center for Kobe and Gianna Bryant — whether they saw it from a seat in the arena or on their TV — might say the entire experience was powerful and emotional.  And while the speeches from Kobe’s friends and family, especially from […]