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Why Did the Moon Landing Matter? A Slew of New Books Offer Answers

The moon landing is a matter of public memory, which is another way of saying that it’s contested history. In 1971, Collins became the director of the Smithsonian’s National Air Museum, overseeing the addition of “Space” to its name in 1976, and he provides the introduction to APOLLO TO THE MOON: A History in 50 […]

10 books besides ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ that tackle racial injustice

Seeing stacks of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” set aside for easy grabbing at the local bookstore is a sign that school is out for the summer. The 1960 novel is a perennial reading assignment for many students — when it’s not being banned — and has been a fixture in American consciousness for […]

Why are books banned in prison? Sex, drugs and a critique of systematic oppression

Books are routinely banned in prisons throughout the country for reasons that can often seem arbitrary. Most books that reach prisons do so via donations, either to prison libraries or to individual prisoners directly. For most medium and high-security prisons, books cannot even be donated by individuals or groups; they must either be purchased or […]

Fishman, Donovan, Brinkley Apollo 11 Books Highlight The Mission To The Moon’s Legacy

The U.S. flag stands alone on the surface of the moon. NASA/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption NASA/Getty Images The U.S. flag stands alone on the surface of the moon. NASA/Getty Images The countdown has begun. It’s T-minus a month or so until the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 — and humanity’s first and famous […]

The 10 most anticipated books of the summer, according to Goodreads

Summer is here, and for book lovers, that can mean only one thing: It is time for something fun to read. We’ll save our heavy history books and worthy classics for fall! Summer is the season for reading something engrossing, and ideally something as fizzy and accessible as pink champagne. To find out what book […]

The Best Science Books To Read This Summer

They say a vacation is only as good as the book you bring with you. And these days it feels like there are as many ways to consume science writing as there are fields of science. Whether you’re a fan of historical nonfiction, graphic novels, poetry or short essays, this year’s panel of summer science […]

Naomi Wolf’s Publisher Delays Release of Her Book

Ms. Wolf said she would look into the records in question and correct future editions, noting that the issue Mr. Sweet raised was “a really important thing to investigate.” Houghton Mifflin Harcourt initially called the mistaken number of executions an “unfortunate error” but said, “we believe the overall thesis of the book ‘Outrages’ still holds.” […]

Moving to a New Place Is Hard for Kids. These Books Show How It Gets Better.

Image Set in 1981, when SoHo still belonged to artists, this novel is a richly textured delight: an art world mystery, a family drama, a sensitive depiction of depression, a crash course in colors and a portrait of a young artist. Ollie’s first-person perspective is so persuasive, it seems she really can manage by herself, […]

Students receive shelfs and books made just for them – Fairbanks Daily News

Four children were awarded personalized bookcases last week for successfully finishing an elementary school program through the Literacy Council of Alaska. This annual event is always an exciting celebration. Over the years, 30 children from the Birch Park Housing Complex have received these bookcases. Each bookcase is handmade by David Klumb with Laughing Husky Enterprises, […]

‘Highly concerning’: picture books bias worsens as female characters stay silent

The most popular picture books published in 2018 collectively present a white and male-dominated world to children, feature very few BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) characters and have become more biased against girls in the past year, Guardian research reveals. In-depth analysis of the top 100 bestselling illustrated children’s books of 2018, using data […]