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Bikes and Books in Afghanistan

Idress Siyawash’s mobile library The old woman, hunched and leaning heavily on her stick, grips Idress Siyawash’s hand firmly in her own. “Keep doing what you are doing,” she says. “You are the future of this country.” Siyawash’s voice cracks as he recounts this scene from a small village in Afghanistan. Siyawash, a student at […]

The Library of Disposable Art: Coloring Books

Welcome to the Library of Disposable Art. We are the collection of art that was never meant to be seen or contemplated for more than a glance, like comic strips. It includes things that were never meant to be art, but people love it and keep it all the same, like beer bottles. Today, I […]

Ten books to read in March

Today, Solnit is a powerful, acclaimed author whose “Men Explain Things to Me” resulted in the term “mansplaining.” Once, however, she was a young, poor, frightened new arrival to San Francisco who had to make sense of her ideas in the midst of a culture that didn’t support them. This is a feminist fable as […]

Clayton Christensen’s books changed my life; he is the mentor I never met

In early July 1997, I began a weekend morning much the same as I began every other Saturday morning, at the Oxford Bookstore in Atlanta, where I’d sit, from open to close, reading up to five books over the course of 13 hours. But on this fateful day, I only made it through one title, […]

7 Essential Books About Pandemics

CHOLERA Image ‘The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic — and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World,’ by Steven Johnson In August 1854, many poor Londoners “suddenly took sick and began dying. Their symptoms included upset stomach, vomiting, gut cramps, diarrhea and racking thirst. Whatever the cause, it was […]

10 Books For The Future Of Work—And An Experiment

My niece reading W. Kang This past week and a half, I participated in an experiment on LinkedIn that looked and felt a lot like the annoying Facebook multi-day challenges that involve tagging one’s friends and asking them to do some task. Perhaps to some it was similarly annoying and equally as meaningless. The challenge […]

Exclusive: BookExpo announces the buzziest books coming this year

Who’s ready to add a few titles to their bookshelves? BookExpo, the largest annual literary trade-fair in the U.S., has announced the finalists for its three “Buzz” sessions, which highlight the breakout books of the coming year. Among the most prestigious panels in the publishing industry, they’re determined by three committees (adult, young-adult, middle-grade) of […]

Why Mocha Books Is Crowdfunding To Open A Mobile Bookstore To Sell Children’s Books By Authors Of Color

Tulsa, Oklahama-based educator and bookseller Shionka McGlory started her online bookstore Mocha Books in 2017, after completing an internship for a community initiative for youth and learning about school to prison pipeline statistics. “I wanted to find a solution to this problem in my area and then to expand,” she said in an interview. Tulsa, […]

Read It and Reap: Have book or e-book, will travel

Around the heated pool on a recent, bright February day in Key West, Florida, several women read books or e-books while their men talked loudly and bared post-middle-age chests and bellies, some of them eventually also sinking into books. The talk was funny and kept the camaraderie going, but the books were better. (Humble opinion.) […]

Fingers pointed after stored county books develop mold

<!– SHOW ARTICLE –> LISBON — Columbiana County commissioners are spending $9,000 to clean county recorder books that became covered in mold while stored in Mahoning County. Commissioner Tim Weigle said they agreed to retain the services of Farsight Management of Dover to remove the mold and return the books to Columbiana County for temporary […]