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Best books on Black resilience, according to bestselling authors

In recent months, Harrison has seen her books make the rounds on social media, included in lists upon lists of book recommendations. “It is so exciting to see people buying my books and people post lists of ways to talk about race, but I don’t want the story to feel like it is over and […]

The Books Briefing: The Writers Who Don’t Work Alone

? The Two Noble Kinsmen, by John Fletcher and William Shakespeare (CALLAHAN / OLENA YAKOBCHUK / JACOB LUND / SHUTTERSTOCK / KATIE MARTIN / THE ATLANTIC) The joy of writing a book with my dad “While the verdict is out on whether collaborations lead to better writing, for me at least, it led to a […]

Trump said, ‘Read the books! Read the manuals!’ Here is what they contain.

Safety Instructions: Notice! Most of America’s fail-safe measures only work if the Senate is excited about them. (See: Impeachment, p. 497; 25th Amendment, p. 497, Elections, p. 498.) If you are trying to operate the country during a pandemic, please note that Extreme Federalism should be turned off for it to function at peak efficiency. […]


1. “Too Much and Never Enough” by Mary L. Trump (Simon Schuster) 2. “Deadlock” by Catherine Coulter (Gallery Books) 3. “1st Case” by James Pattersonby Chris Tebbetts (Littleby Brown) 4. “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens (G.P. Putnam’s Sons) 5. “SuperLife” by Darin Olien (HarperWave) 6. “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo (Beacon Press) 7. […]

Phoebe Bridgers’s 10 Favorite Books

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While everyone else is decluttering, I’m keeping the books that made me a traveler

The Post’s best advice for living through a lockdown. Health Wellness: Tips for DIY massages | Which doctor visits to keep | Maintaining better fitness habits | Steps to better rest | Running with a mask Food: Learn to bake | Grocery shopping safety | Takeout and delivery tips | Hosting a socially distant cookout […]

15 diverse children’s and young adult books recommended by kids

When it comes to youth and children’s books, no one is better equipped to make a recommendation than kids themselves. TODAY’s favorite book lover, Jenna Bush Hager, asked three kids who’ve already made a name for themselves in the literary world to help her pick books for a special summer kids’ edition of Read With […]

Back to the Books – WPTA21

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – Mad Ants guard and Concordia Alum D.J. McCall takes advantage of a scholarship awarded by the G-League. He is working on gaining a certification in SQL (Structured Query Language). McCall graduated from IUPUI with a masters degree in Analytics. Article source:

Kathleen Duey, a Mentoring Children’s Book Author, Dies at 69

“It was not ephemera,” Ms. Krieger said. “Her writing meant everything to her.” Kathleen Elaine Peery was born on Oct. 8, 1950, in Sayre, Okla., to William Ralph Peery, a geologist, and Mary Eileen (Finlay) Peery, a homemaker. The family relocated to Fort Collins, Col., where Ms. Duey graduated from Fort Collins High School. She […]

How a writer learned to open up about Dad’s secret sex books

The title of Sara Faith Alterman’s memoir, “Let’s Never Talk About This Again,” is both perfectly on point and totally ironic. Alterman’s story revolves around her family’s inability to discuss anything even remotely uncomfortable, especially having to do with sex — which became a problem when the young Sara, reaching for her “Sesame Street Cookbook,” […]