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From The Outsiders to Cloudstreet: the best working-class books

I grew up in a southern seaside town. No dad on the scene. No money, but the beach at the end of the road. When I was a kid I knew I wanted to be a writer, but writers didn’t come from where I came from. Then I read a book by SE Hinton called […]

Books 2021: Best audiobooks of August

This is the fourth installment in Tracy Clark’s series starring Cass Raines, a former homicide cop turned private investigator, but it stands just as well on its own. It is a bitterly cold night in Chicago when Cass meets recovering addict Leesa Evans and accepts the job of finding her 15-year-old daughter, Ramona, who has […]

Book Review: ‘The Husbands,’ by Chandler Baker

THE HUSBANDSBy Chandler Baker Nora Spangler is wrung dry. She’s a mother of one small child, with another on the way, and a plaintiff’s attorney for a firm. Her husband, Hayden, is incapable of complex parenting tasks, like persuading the couple’s young daughter to use the bathroom. Gary, Nora’s boss, calls her on a Sunday […]

Three Sharply Observed Books Showcase the Enduring Appeal of Memoirs About Dealing With Disease

Cancer mocks D’Aguiar by telling him he’s just interested in getting his name on the front of a book. Cancer calls out “that ridiculous stationary bike of yours.” I’m happy to report that “Year of Plagues” ends on a cautiously upbeat note. Cancer’s had to pipe down. Grue is a Norwegian writer and academic who […]

Fields: Keep your mind sharp with free, low-cost books

A while back, I read that prolonged internet use impairs short-term memory. Ironically, I found this out online. In spite of this, I managed to retain it anyway for two key reasons. In the first place, most of us would like to deny that age might play a role in our diminishing capacities, and this […]

The Bookworm: Books Take A Look At Farm Life

“Pastoral Song” by James Rebanks; © 2020, HarperCollins; 304 pages “Far, Girl: A Memoir” by Megan Baxter; © 2021, Green Writer’s Press; 255 pages ——— ‘Til the cows come home. For most people, that indicates a lengthy amount of time but for you, it sounds positively peaceful. It reminds you of wildflowers, fresh-plowed dirt, green […]

August books: What to read now

As the patriarch of a small Northwestern logging family attempts to gather resources to buy a nearby grove, readers learn that his wife, Colleen, has not only lost several pregnancies, but, as a midwife, has seen many local women lose theirs, too. Something is wrong in Damnation Grove as well as its water, and the […]

10 New Hamptons Books for Your Beach Bag or Coffee Table

The past year and a half has given authors plenty of opportunity to sit down and write, and we’re beginning to see the hard-earned fruits of their labor. Take a gander at these 10 new and upcoming East End books, and consider picking one up at your next visit to your favorite Hamptons or North […]

Chance the Rapper holds ‘Books and Breakfast’ with South Side families

CHICAGO — In West Chatham, a chance to grow young brains came down to one of the neighborhood’s biggest stars. Chance the Rapper, who grew up in the South Side neighborhood, is holding the first of eight ‘Books and Breakfast’ events in Chicago, traveling to three other parts of the city in the coming weeks. […]

FOWLER CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Tickle Monster: Josie Bissett

Why do you like this book? “It’s tickling and has tickle hands (gloves) that come with it!” What does this book teach you? “It’s fun to laugh!” Do you like to tickle people? “YEAH!!” What age do you suggest this book for? “Kids of all ages.” Who got you this book? “My Aunt No No!” […]