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10 Recent Movies Fans Liked Much More Than Critics

You may think critics and moviegoers rarely agree, but that’s not the case. More often than not, user reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, CinemaScore, social media, and general word of mouth are fairly close to what the critics posted. But increasingly, it seems, the gap is widening. The 2017 movie Bright was emblematic of this […]

Violence in PG-13 rated movies not linked to violence in US society

Claims about PG-13 rated movie violence and its link to violence in society are not consistent with available evidence, according to study published in the Springer journal Psychiatric Quarterly. Authors Christopher J. Ferguson at Stetson University and Patrick Markey at Villanova University in the United States, examined possible associations between violence and gun use in […]

Disney’s Most Important Movie Of 2019 Isn’t ‘Avengers’ Or ‘Star Wars’

Ferdia Shaw in ‘Artemis Fowl’Walt Disney Last night saw the debut of M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass. The Universal/Comcast offering is being distributed overseas by Walt Disney. Since Glass is a sequel to both Unbreakable (which Disney released in 2000) and Split (which Universal released in 2017), the two titans of Hollywood (all due respect to Warner Bros.) are teaming up to […]

Is Bruce Willis a Great Movie Star or a Great Actor?

Is Bruce Willis the biggest American movie star of his generation without an Oscar nomination? He’s definitely a movie star: To date, his films have grossed a shade over $3 billion, an amount that puts him squarely on the all-time top earners list without the benefit of participation in a long-running fantasy or superhero franchise. […]

Only One Thing Can Save the Kevin Hart ‘Monopoly’ Movie

The last time we checked, no one was clamoring for a live-action Monopoly movie. Just like no one really begs to play Monopoly, the board game. Yet as Deadline reports, we are indeed getting such a film, starring none other than Kevin Hart. Hasbro, the toy company that owns Monopoly, has been angling to make […]

Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ criticized for using footage of a real-life tragedy to depict a fake incident

‘Bird Box’ is being criticized for using footage of a real-life tragedy to depict a fake one. (Netflix) Netflix is being criticized over its use of footage from a real-life tragedy to depict fake events in its breakout hit movie “Bird Box.” The company told BBC that it has no plans to update the film […]

30 Best Movies From 2018 Now Streaming Online

Here are the best 2018 movies you can watch right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Related stories Marie Kondo to Bibliophiles: No, You Don’t Need to Throw Away Your Books Steve Carell Will Create and Star in a ‘Space Force’ Workplace Comedy for Netflix ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Trailer: Netflix Starts the Final Season […]

Report: The Main Characters In The New GHOSTBUSTERS Are Kids

Bear with me for a second. This one takes a little explaining. So, earlier today, I was minding my own business when an interesting piece of information fell into my lap: according to the reliable source I spoke with, the main characters in the new Ghostbusters were gonna be kids – aged 12 or 13, […]

Review: The surprisingly great ‘Glass’ is a superhero movie for people who hate superhero movies – Omaha World

Micah Mertes Reporter – Movies, TV and books Micah Mertes writes about movies and books for The World-Herald. His favorite movie is “Aliens,” and his favorite book is also “Aliens.” Follow him on Twitter @micahmertes. Phone: 402-444-3182. Article source:

South Carolina inmates to get tablets for phone calls, watching movies

South Carolina corrections officials are unveiling a program which will allow inmates to use computer tablets. (iStock) Prisoners in South Carolina are in for a technological treat as corrections officials look to provide them with computer tablets to avoid the use of contraband cell phones. The tablets will be unveiled as part of a technology […]