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The 10 Movies We’re Most Excited About This Fall

Ad Astra Dir. by James Gray (Sept. 20) As our review on Pg. 29 attests, this deep-space mystery thriller starring Brad Pitt is one of the year’s boldest and most spectacular films. Pitt is an astronaut on a secret mission to find his long-lost father (Tommy Lee Jones) in the outer reaches of the solar […]

‘Psych: The Movie 2’ Pushed To 2020, Moves To NBCU Streamer & Gets Title

Psych fans will have to wait a little longer for the second movie sequel. Originally slated to premiere this year, the film will not debut until at least spring 2020. That is because the movie is moving from USA Network, home of the original Psych series and Psych: The Movie, to Peacock, NBCU’s upcoming streaming […]

Disney+ Confirmed to Include a Movie With F-Bombs

Those hoping Disney+ would be completely squeaky clean might be out of luck. Now that the service has been available in the Netherlands for a week, fans have discovered one of the films in the library has been added to the service in an uncensored format; one that not only has an instance where a […]

Best job ever? Make $1300 watching 13 Stephen King movies before Halloween

Halloween is coming, but there’s still time for a lucky binge-watcher to score $1,300. Dish Network retailer will pay that person to watch 13 Stephen King movies before it’s time for trick-or-treating. The movies included are: Carrie (original or 2013 remake) Children of the Corn Christine Creepshow Cujo Dreamcatcher It (original or 2017 remake) The Mist Pet […]

Do Movie Theaters Have A ‘Trailers’ Problem?

When people talk about the problems with going to the movies today, most of what they complain about doesn’t have much to do with what’s happening on the screen itself. High ticket prices, people coming in late, people on their cell phones during the movie, people talking during the movie, etc, are all annoyances of […]

What’s Woker Than ‘Joker’? Film Critics Made Everything Political at Fall Festivals

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?” asks Joaquin Phoenix, playing a deranged incel version of the DC supervillain in “Joker,” the unconventional comic book movie that’s sucked up much of the air from the fall festival circuit. Like an aggro caricature of the “involuntary celibates” who troll message boards online, […]

"Tall Girl" — A Movie About A Really Tall Girl — Dropped On Netflix And The Tweets Are Amusing

Harper is the best character a Netflix romcom has ever created! #tallgirl Funny, cute, caring, badass, confident, the best sister you could ever have 05:49 PM – 13 Sep 2019 Article source:

The 10 Best Martin Scorsese Movies, Ranked

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to Martin Scorsese, but obviously, some rank above the others in terms of quality, memorability, and how they embody the best of the director’s abilities. Below, we looked at all of those attributes, and ranked the 10 best movies from Martin Scorsese. Article source:

The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store

iTunes Movies U.S. charts for week ending September 15, 2019: iTunes Movies US Charts: 1. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum 2. Aladdin 3. Yesterday (2019) 4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) 5. MIB: International 6. Rocketman 7. Booksmart 8. Anna 9. It (2017) 10. The Secret Life of Pets 2 iTunes Movies US […]

All The Original Movies On The Way To Disney+

When Disney+ launches on November 12, it’s going to instantly be popular if for no other reason than it will contain a library of some of the most popular films and television shows of all time. However, simply containing all of Disney’s classic material won’t be enough to make for a successful streaming service. Disney+ […]