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WIU Student Broadcasters Debut Purple Blazers for Television Appearances

<!– Related Images –> Pictured, from left, are Director of Sports Broadcasting Quinton Parker, Broadcasting and Journalism Chair William “Buzz” Hoon, WIU student broadcasters Michael Harms, Michael Dion, Zachary Martin, William Turkington and Collin Miller, WIU President Jack Thomas and College of Fine Arts and Communication (COFAC) Dean Billy Clow. [Download Print-Quality Image] WIU Student […]

GOP Rep: Oprah Does Great Television, But ‘Hasn’t Shown The Qualifications’ To Be President

Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) isn’t exactly on-board with a potential 2020 Oprah Winfrey run. After making a widely-praised speech at the Golden Globes last month, there was speculation as to whether the former daytime talkshow host would consider running for president, an idea she appears to firmly reject. However, President Trump went after Winfrey on […]

Did Netflix buy television’s future or overpay for its past? – Post

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Family says children saw sexual images on television inside Burger King in Southgate

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A Downriver family said a Sunday afternoon trip to the Burger King restaurant in Southgate was anything but typical. They said an explicit R-rated sex scene was playing on the television. When the family complained to employees, they said nothing was done to prevent children from seeing the graphic images. A father […]

Television To Learn: Television as a Source of Education

Of course, television also has harmful effects. It can provoke a passive attitude, because being a merely receptive activity does not suppose any effort and cancels the initiative of the child. A new television for education. In recent years, since approximately 2000, new formats of programs and channels have begun to be generated with more […]

Television: Phillies hitting the field and small screen this week

By Saturday, the Phillies will be on television. After most Eagles seasons, the arrival of pitchers and catchers to Clearwater for spring training is a relief, an antidote to another disappointing year. In 2018, baseball’s spring training becomes an extension of fun, another team in another sport that is likeable and excites a happy — […]

Stop Putting Traumatized Teenagers On Television

There is little new about the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead. We have seen it all before: the cocktail of a disturbed young man, access to guns, and a society that devalues life mixed to create another national tragedy. The round-the-clock news coverage and profound proclamations from politicians are […]

Sony Pictures Television Reshuffles International Production Team

Sony Pictures Television has revamped its international production division and handed new roles to several global executives. The London-based division has hired Brendan Fitzgerald in the new role of SVP International Co-Productions and promoted Richard Parsons to become EVP International Operations across the restructured division. He previously was SVP Corporate Business Legal Affairs, Internatinal Production. Elsewhere, Cheryl […]

‘Good Girls’ gives Christina Hendricks a new posse

Three friends rob a grocery store, then have to deal with the consequences in “Good Girls.” In the series, from left, Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman. Article source:

"Law & Order: SVU" is the most important show on television

If you watch the SVU reruns—which are on cable pretty much every moment of every day—it won’t take long to find an episode in which transgender women are portrayed as prostitutes and referred to using a whole host of derogatory terms that are really cringe worthy. This newer approach involves a boneheaded but good-hearted cop with a […]